Wednesday, July 25

Happy 5th Birthday Madison

Tommorrow we are going to to celebrate his birthday. There is lots to do in terms of fun and games and lots of pizza to eat :) Wish you all were here with us to celebrate.

Because Maddy could not wait till tommorrow morning to open up his gifts, I allowed him to open them up tonight instead (since we will be leaving early for ChuckECheese).

Thank you to everyone who sent Madison presents, emails and phone calls to wish him happy birthday :)
From Aunty Susie - Crayola Color Explosion

From Mum and Dad -Nintendo and 2x Pokemon Games

From Grandma and Grandpa Ponini - A New Zealand Scarf, Hat and BackPack

From Nana, Papa, Aunty Ling and Uncle Tolly - Sing and Read Storybook ,

Leapster Multimedia Learning System and

An Ocean Creatures Jigsaw StoryBook

And last but not least, Maddy's Daddy is taking Maddy's Mommy and Maddy to Seaworld in Orlando Florida for a weeks vacation from 6-10 August. A well deserved break for Daddy and an awesome finish to the summerbreak before Maddy starts school in September.

Maddy's ticket to Seaworld


  1. Aunty Sachi10:12 PM GMT-5

    Oi oi, obviously Maddy hasn't received our present yet. Poor Aunty Sachi is sooo slow and not as well organised as BatGran!

    Look out for our pressie in the mail soon - better late than never!!

    Lucky Maddy - he's got so many nice pressies. Wish I could come to ChuckECheese too!

    Happy birthday - will call tomorrow!
    xoxo Aunty Sachi

  2. What a luck boy! Glad to see smiles all around. Wish we could join you too! Have lots of fun!!

  3. MaddysDaddy1:58 AM GMT-5

    Happy birthday son!!! I hope you have a great time at Chuck E Cheese with Mommy and I will see you soon. LOVE YOU!

  4. Hi Sachi, I was telling Maddy "ooh ooh Aunty Sachi's present for you is still coming" and he says "but MY birthday is todayyyyy" LOL the things kids say!

    Thanks Aunty Sach and Uncle Mark - I posted the blog last night because I didn't think I would have much time to post today, but since we woke up late and haven't even moved from the couch, it's likely we won't be leaving for a little while at least.

    Hope you are well :) Just waiting for the OK to post more news :):)

    Love us


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