Monday, July 9

Mini Doodlers

Maddy had his first session of mini doodlers (arts and crafts) today downtown Vienna at their local community center. Being the only boy, he was not intimidated at all. As soon as we walked in the room, all the girls stared at him, he looked away shyly, I introduced him to his Teacher and then he went and fetched an apron.

According to the teacher he got stuck right into doing what they had planned for the day. He was polite and raised his hand when he wanted to ask a question (we are currently practicing this at home so he will get use to raising his hand at school if he wants to ask a question or needs help, instead of interrupting the teacher and demanding attention ).

They each made a Mimbre Bowl with white clay and it's now outside on the porch, in the sun so it will harden.

On Wednesday he is enrolled in another Summer for Tots program where they will be doing crafts, games, stories and play time. That should be so much fun and at the same time MOMMY gets two hours off to do whatever she wants - Hooray!

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  1. Thanks for the post babe, keep the stories coming!


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