Thursday, July 26

4 Hours Later... Sore Ankles And Very Tired :)

Oh what fun we had today! Chuck E Cheese is the bomb. Amazing rides, games and tickets to win prizes, yummy pizza and as much fizzy drinks as you like.

So much for the instructions I got online on how to get there. I think we went the long way to get to the place only to find out that one of the buses we usually catch, goes all the way to Fairfax City Mall. Oh well, at least I know next time.

We spent $20 to get 80 tokens, and believe it or not, it lasted the whole time we were there. Each game or activity cost one token. They had car games, train and truck rides, a jungle gym of some sorts attached to the ceiling, basketball, bowling, sponge bob, punching and tapping games, you name it, they pretty much had it all. No wonder kids go crazy there. Most games give tickets depending on how many points you get and you can trade them in for prizes. We won 349 in total and maddy picked a spiderman pencil case with pencils and eraser and a baby dinosaur.

Entrance to the jungle gym tunnel and slide

This racing car was attached to the ceiling. They built a tunnel that goes around it. It's kinda neat but scarey at the same time too. I suppose it's good that Maddy only weighs 52 pounds.

One of Maddy's favorite rides, the Monster Truck Ride - was awesome. It goes up even higher and tips side to side making it more fun and scarey. I think he went on it at least 5 times.
I just wish they had one that was big enough for me to ride too :)

A flying bike machine. When you start to cycle it goes up in the air and comes down again.

Practicing his basketball skills. Maddy did very well at this game and won a few tickets here.

It didn't take Maddy long to make a new friend. His name was Angelo and they had fun together playing this game. Even though he only won one out of four, he still enjoyed playing it.

I know what you're thinking, like, why is he riding in a pink girlie carriage? well it didn't say no boys allowed so, why not?!? haha!

When we were waiting for our taxi to arrive, Madison persuaded me to take a look at the EBGames store where they sell playstation and nintendo games. Oh boy did I get sucked into that one. I think he learned these negotiation skills from his father, because I don't know how he manages to convince me he needed to buy another game.. somehow he did and walked out with a second hand game called "Barnyard" - all about animals. I just hope when it comes to his school work he is as attentive to those as he is when playing his playstation and nintendo games, and now his leapster one.

We had so much FUN today and I know Maddy enjoyed it even more. I did take a few more pictures so I will post them up another time. Now it's time to go and soak my feet and relax on the couch until it's time to go to bed.


  1. Aunty Sachi9:48 PM GMT-5

    Wow! Sounds like you guys have a great time. Wish I was 5 years old again because they didn't have those fun places when I was that age!!

    Great to have a chat to you today and so sorry for calling so late. Aunty Sachi is always running late!!

    Take care and keep up the blog entries. You're doing a great job Rach!!

  2. haha Thanks Aunty Sachi and thank you for the call! It was also very nice to catch up with you too!

    Can't wait for Raro, here we come!

    Take care and huge alofas to You and Mark xxox

  3. MaddysDaddy1:31 AM GMT-5

    What a great post babe, keep 'em coming! I'm so happy Maddy enjoyed his birthday and thank you for taking him there :)


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