Wednesday, July 11

Summer Fun For Tots

Maddy started another new class today which involves painting, crafts, singing and music, dancing and reading stories. It was a much bigger class this time and there was one other boy to keep him company. He met up with one of his friends from a previous sports class he attended and they immediately recognized each other. Her name was Rachel. He said he talked to her throughout the time they were there, but she hardly spoke because he said she was shy - it didn't bother him one bit, he just kept on talking LOL.

This is what he did in class today - a painting of a dolphin!

We then went for lunch at Noodles Company where Maddy ate one of his favorite dishes, pasta, marinara sauce with cheese and I had a salad (yep rabbit food again LOL).

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  1. MaddysDaddy2:46 PM GMT-5

    Wow, our boy can paint!


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