Friday, January 2

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a fun and safe start to the New Year. Ours was very quiet but nice. Maddy spent the day enjoying his new Christmas pressies, especially his D-Rex, PSP portable and Basketball bean chair - I need to get another one or two of those for his room so when his friends come over to play games, we have extra seating - thanks cuzzie Micah - his chair is cool!

Maddy's D-Rex is an interactive dinosaur who attacks, guards and has over 100 sounds and expressions. Sorry about the side view - Maddy wouldn't let me record him again so I had to use this one LOL


  1. aunty lagi9:00 PM GMT-5

    OMG!!!! that t-rex is just the awesomest...!!! who got him that and where can i get one?

  2. It was part of his Christmas list. We gave him the choice of two presents and the D-Rex was his #1 choice and PSP portable was his #2 choice - very expensive taste like his Aunties LOL

    It's so cool and scary looking LOL

  3. Cool pressies! I'm glad Micah made the 'cool present' list!

    Hope you guys had a great Christmas...will load up some photos of time in Christchurch soon!

  4. He loved the bball gear you sent him too. I like the 2-in-1 jacket and he's already worn his bball shorts.

    Thanks to everyone that sent him gifts.

    Hope you guys are enjoying your time in NZ - man I miss home :(


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