Monday, January 26

Farewell Dinner at Mango Mike's

This was our first time at Mango Mikes Caribbean Restaurant and what a lovely experience it was. It reminded me of dining out at Coconuts beach resort with it's palm trees, aquarium, sand, and exotic island menu as well as a relaxing atmosphere.

The Mango Island potions (drinks) were something to remember as well as the food selection which I must say was very tasty. Dom and Rosie tried the "puka puka" which consisted of coconut rum, myers, pineapple and mango juice, while Sakib and Kelly had pena colada's. I just stuck to my baileys irish coffee and cream LOL.

The kids enjoyed being seated in front of a big aquarium and while we sat and chatted and enjoyed our meals, when it ended, it was sad to say goodbye to Sakib, Kelly and Khalil. They are moving to Ecuador in March and will be there for at least 2 and 1/2 years.

Maddy with Mo Mo and Pichachu

Khalil, Nino and Maddy

Matt, Domenico, Sakib, Maddy, Rosie, Kelly, Nino and Khalil

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