Friday, August 27

Back-To-School Fashion Show

I was asked by one of our Sales Managers whether Madison would like to take part in a back-to-school fashion show at Macy's and to my surprise, he said 'Yes' straight away. Last Friday was the show and even though he was shy at first, he thoroughly enjoyed the experience and is keen to do more in the future.

Epic Thread Gears

Levi Jeans and Epic Thread Tee and Shirt/Hoody

After the kids show, we spent the next 20 minutes watching the young men's and girls fashion show (well Maddy did while I looked around the store for a bit). He was fascinated by the way the guys modelled and when the show had finished, he said that now he knows what to do next time. He also wished he had seen this show before they did there's to get some ideas on what to do on stage :-) ... future model in the making perhaps ?!? lol


  1. Maddy is losing his shyness; this makes me very happy.

  2. Well done Maddy. That's an impressive effort. First model in the making for our family! woo hoo
    Can't believe how tall Maddy is now!

  3. Yup I think he might be taller than Aunty Lagi and or Nana Michi now lol

  4. Nooooo - taller than me? I feel like the incredible shrinking nana!


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