Saturday, April 18

Maddy's first soccer game

Maddy has his first soccer game today. It was a gloriously sunny day, just perfect for being outdoors. Maddy scored a goal but I didn't get it on tape since he was on the far field at the time but I witnessed it! We had a celebratory ice cream on the way home.


  1. Awesome video hon - sad I missed his first game AND his first goal -glad you captured most of it on video - well done Maddy and the Golden Guys Team!

  2. Aunty Sachi8:32 PM GMT-5

    What a cool video! Awesome camera man!! Love the music...oh yeah, and the starring guy's soccer moves - Go Maddy!!
    Does he like soccer better than basketball?

  3. Fantastic! What sport will he be doing in September? I'll try to contain myself when watching!!

  4. At the moment basketball seems to be his favorite, we shall see after he's played a few soccer games.

    By the time Sept comes around, I don't think he will be playing any sports as basketball doesn't start till November. Soccer season is only till end of May. I'm hoping he would want to finish off his swimming lessons as he still has three more to go :)

    Can't wait for you to visit with us Batgran!!


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