Thursday, April 23

Brothers in Arms

Maddy got a haircut like Micah's to show solidarity with his li'l cuzzie in Australia.

Maddy wants Micah to know that this style looks GOOD! Makes you look older :)


  1. Looking good cuzzies!
    I've got to find that photo of MaddysDaddy with his first buzz cut. He looks just like Maddy.
    Be on the look out for another book - mailed this week.

  2. Why thank you Maddy! Micah feels much better to see how handsome you look with your new haircut.

    And good on ya for not leaving your fringe on...LOL

  3. Thank you Batgran! it arrived in the mail yesterday :) he loves them!!

  4. I've sent ChopSueyMaker the photo of Matthew with his buzz haircut. Hopefully she can scan it and put it on Micah's blog.


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