Friday, May 8

A Poem for Mum, by Madison

Her hands are like rough scales on a alligator.
Her hair is like a snake slithering on the ground.
Her face is like a marshmallow floating like a leaf.
Her voice is like robins, chirping in the summer.
Her smile is like licorish bending really softly.


  1. I thought this was very creative and laughed about his description of my hands and hair :) too cute!!

  2. Auoi, I laughed at the whole thing! Very creative indeed! How sweet about your voice sounding like robins chirping.
    Hmm..time to get out the moisturiser for your hands! LOL

  3. haha I know aye... when Maddy came home and gave me the poem, he asked to see my hands LOL he felt them and said... 'yeah mum, they are a bit rough' LOL

  4. So cute! Can't wait for the Father's Day card.

  5. Just thought where Madison gets his inspiration's those nature books! Last of the series is on the way...will start a new series of sticker books.


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