Monday, February 23

Lalovaea Visit

I went to visit the old house at Lalovaea today. I was hoping that Neta and her husband had an umu ready for toonai but no such luck. So I had to make my own luck and bought an umu from the Fugalei market, some wahoo, mamoe and some koko samoa. My kind of lunch! When we left Samoa Neta didn't have any kids but not three years later, she has 2 kids with another on the way. The house at Lalovaea is looking very old & tired and should be repaired or demolished soon.

Amataga, me and Neta's son Kevin in the faletaavale

Alofa and her brother Amataga

Kaga Makangka on the stairs in Mama's house

Neta with her pepe fou

Neta's eldest son, Kevin


  1. aunty lagi2:54 AM GMT-5

    hey matt,
    lucky you being back in samoa! wish we could all be there too. why the serious pose in the photo? smile, man! hahaha

  2. MaddysDaddy4:25 AM GMT-5

    The serious pose is because those kids smelled!

  3. LOL I was going to comment about that photo as well. You look like King Tagaloa with his bodyguards on either the sounds of it, they repel all your enemies by using their smell!! ha,ha

  4. LOL Sachi

    Tanga still looks the same.

    It's nice to have a working laptop again - aargh internet withdrawals here lol


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