Monday, February 2

My b'day muffin cake

So much for Maddy helping me out with my blueberry muffin cake LOL I had to do it all myself, but that's ok, I purchased a ready-to-make mixture that only needed water added LOL Yup, my kind of baking. We had no icing nor b'day candles but that's ok, we will make do with the sprinkles.
I spent the morning volunteering at Maddy's school library for an hour then cleaned up the house before Maddy got home from school around 12.45pm. We watched a movie together (Space Chimps) then I made the muffin cake. On Wednesday I get to spoil myself by getting my hair done (long overdue) and a spa treatment (manicure and pedicure). Thanks Daddy & Maddy :)
Thanks for the birthday wishes family and friends :o)

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  1. Thank you Batgran for my beautiful fabric card and the peace, love, hope and faith magnet - beautiful :)


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