Thursday, August 28

Open Day

Maddy and I went to school today for the Open Day. We met his 1st grade teacher, Miss Reeves who's been teaching at Stenwood Elementary for 4 years and has a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education. We visited his classroom, #19 and found his desk, labelled with his name and an information packet for the parents. We checked out the class list and found seven of his Kindergarten friends also in his class. Even though he was a little dissapointed that Annie, Nathan, Matthew and Danny were not in his class, I know it won't take long for him to make new friends. Besides they will still see each other during recess time and when we have play dates.

We also stopped by the Cafeteria to sign up for the PTA ($10 per member) and to find out information about Cub Scouts. Maddy is interested in joining the 'Tiger Club Den' for first graders. I spoke with one of the Scout Leaders to find out more information and even though it looks like he's going to have a lot of fun learning all about the environment, going on camps and doing community activities, a parent has to be there with him at every scout meeting and activity. It's a requirement for the 1st graders pack. I hope Daddy can take part in most of them, if not then I better get my drivers license (yes I do know how to drive but never held a license lol) as I don't like relying on others to get to places.

Since school doesn't officially start till next Tuesday (Sept 2nd), and it's a long weekend (labor weekend), I'm going to take Maddy for a swim at the pools, to visit the library and have a day out at the park.


  1. MaddysDaddy7:23 PM GMT-5

    Aww poor Maddy. He'll make new friends I'm sure though :)

    Thanks for the post babe, keep up the great work!

  2. Oi, oi so many new posts - fantastic!
    Still can't get used to school starting in September. Seems so strange to me! But it does sound like school has a lot more activities and things to get involved in. Hope you enjoy your long weekend - I know all about it because I saw it on Maddy's calendar!
    xoxo Sachi

  3. I know, it sounds funny when I tell family in NZ that school is just starting for Maddy. The pool was closed today so we headed to the library, then traded his old PS games for more and then headed to Tysons corner to see if 'fly me to the moon' was screening, but it wasn't. I already told Maddy it wasn't on yet but he needed to see it for himself eh lol. We ended up at the kids area for an hour and we just got home. I'm buggered!


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