Monday, August 4

First Day - Level 2 Swimming Class

Maddy was up early, eager to get to his swimming lessons which started at 9.20am. I was a little slow going because I sat up reading most of the night. Matt dropped us off a bit early so we waited by the pool, watching the Peewee swimmers having fun in the water.

He was a little nervous because he didn't know any of the kids that were going to be in his class but when he heard that he was going to have the same teacher he had last time, that put him at ease.

There were 8 children, including two girls, and he was out to impress them all. From what I could see from where I was sitting, he remembered everything he learnt from his last class and didn't hesitate showing off his skills. Instead of practicing, he would race with the boys and try to get to the halfway mark before them and back again. He didn't like coming second or third, so he would try his best to win the next race - very competitive like his parents !!!

He also made another new friend named Jackson, who he played with after their swimming lesson was over.

Doing Handstands

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