Friday, August 1

Splashdown Waterpark

The weather today hit 95 degrees so we decided to go to Splashdown Waterpark in Manasses for the afternoon. It was packed when we arrived, but that wasn't a problem as we found parking and a spot to put our stuff while we had fun in the water.
We started out at the kiddies area and the small slides, then headed over to the bigger ones. Daddy was too chicken to go with Maddy on the bigger slides, so Mum had to tag along to make sure he was ok.

Maddy did well with the first one (picture above) but Mum got stuck half way down because (duh) she hadn't realised that you had to lie down to go fast and not sit up like a normal slide lol.

The next water activity was on the the two four story waterslides. They were scary (well for me). We rode down the slides on tire tubes and boy what a rush that was. I think we did it 3 or 4 times before I had enough and needed a rest.

That didn't stop Maddy though, as he joined his Daddy in the swimming pools and practiced his swimming and played with the turtle and nemo figurines. We never got around to the 770 foot Lazy River because it was full but hopefully next time we will.


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