Friday, March 10

Climbing Trees, Throwing Stones and Coconut Heads

This is Maddy climbing a coconut tree the other day during our lunch break.

Yes, Free Willy is still alive and well!

Maddy and his on again, off again friend Amataga.

If Maddy sees a tree, he must conquer it.
Boys will be boys. Yesterday Maddy and Amataga were throwing rocks into the river by our house when Amataga accidentally struck Maddy in the head with a large stone, opening up a cut on his forehead. By the time Maddy came back to the house his head and face were covered in blood and a walnut sized lump was protruding from his forehead. Rach and I were freaking out! After a quick trip to the doctors we were relieved to find out that it was just a little cut and that there were no fractures to his skull - proof that Samoan boys have coconut heads.

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