Monday, December 10

Pressies Have Arrived

Thanks Nana, Papa, Aunty Ling and Uncle Tolly for our Christmas pressies. The box arrived safely. To my surprise I told Madison that he can't open them up until Christmas day, so guess what he did with them? he put them under our Christmas tree. Excuse the fuzzy picture as I had to use my cell phone to take this one - Daddy has our digital camera in Thailand. We still have a little bit more Christmas shopping to do when Daddy gets back so I'm sure the space underneath the tree will be full.

Today Arjit, Maddys friend and neighbor is coming to spend the afternoon with us - he can't wait to have some fun with his friend. Yesteryday we had a visit from Dr. Fati, Vai and her two girls Myra (6 yrs) and Melody (8 yrs) and boy did they have fun playing games in Maddy's room. As soon as they arrived, they stayed there until it was time to go. It was a lovely visit and Maddy will be spending this coming weekend with them attending a Christmas festival and then bowling Sunday afternoon while Mommy has to work.

Happy Holidays everyone :)


  1. Anonymous6:48 PM GMT-5

    I'm amazed that the parcel arrived so quickly...I only mailed in on the 3rd of December. The Post Office said that 1st December was the deadline for getting parcels to the States in time for Christmas so I was a bit worried about getting it to you on time since you are WAY over on the other side!

  2. I was thinking the same thing as it usually takes up to 10 days for anything to get here or when we send parcels your way.

    Thank you very much Batgran :):)


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