Thursday, December 6

It's Snowing

Maddy having fun in the snow. As soon as he stepped off the bus yesterday afternoon he had a snowball fight with Taehoon and Arjit and then wanted to do a snow angel in the snow. All I wanted to do was get inside because I was freezing my butt off LOL.

Daddy is currently in Thailand for two weeks and I have a part time job for the holidays at Macy's, a large department store. I am one of many Customer Service Managers who are assigned an area to assist Sales Associates and customer queries and complaints. It's only for 4 hours a day while Maddy is in school and during the weekends, depending on how often they need me. It's very hard on my feet as I am not use to standing all day long. I have this weekend off because Matt is away so that is a relief.

I have finally received the calendars and will send them off as soon as I can. I hope you all got Maddy's school photo :) Not to worry Sachi and Mark, yours is with the calendar and will be sent soon. Until next time, take care!


  1. Anonymous7:31 PM GMT-5

    That's great about working at Macy's....that's such a nice store...especially at Christmas time!!
    We've sent a box with Christmas pressies on Monday, 3 December...keep an eye out for it. Post office promised a December 25 delivery! Yes, we've received the parcel with school pictures. Maddy looks like he is 9 or 10 years mature!
    Much love to you all.

  2. If you have a chance to go online to, check it out, lots of sales going on at the moment and I get an extra 20% on top of whatever sales are going on, so Batgran, if you and Papa see anything you like, please let me know. They also have good quality mens shirts and ties as well that I'm sure Papa would like. Hmmm an idea for a christmas pressie I think - what size does Papa wear?

    I'm glad you received the parcel with his school photo. Doesn't he look all grown up?

    Thank you very much for the christmas pressies, Maddy is going to love em. Matt and Maddy went off to Walmart last Sunday and bought us a 7ft christmas tree for $24 with lights and a few decorations. Maddy made our star that is sitting on top of the tree.

    Our christmas pressies to you all will be arriving a little later than Dec 25th which will include the calendars and more sees candi. I know that you all will be visiting Mark and Sachi so I might just wait until you get back to NZ. Would that be ok?

    Anyways Much Love To You All xxox


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