Tuesday, November 27


Maddy had his first playdate yesterday with one of his friends named Arjit. Arjit and his family live in the same building block as us and we invited him to come and play with Maddy yesterday afternoon. They had so much fun playing toy fighting games, running around the apartment (yes I let them do whatever they wanted LOL), playstation games while snacking on biscuits and drink. He stayed for 4 1/2 hours and still didn't want to go home when his mom and younger brother came to get him.

This Thursday he is scheduled to go to Annie's house for a playdate. His mom just called me about an hour ago asking if it was ok for Madison to play at their house this Thursday. She said Annie has been bugging her to call me to make a playdate arrangement. When I got off the phone and told Maddy he jumped for joy and screamed (haha).

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