Friday, November 9

Singing "America The Beautiful"

I tried to upload the video we took of Maddy and the kindergartners singing their song, but because it's so long, it won't upload. I did take a few pictures but they were not as clear because we were sitting far away from the stage. Even though we arrived 20 minutes early, most of the seats were already taken.

Maddy ended up not wearing his Samoan outfit. We received a notice in his folder today saying that those without costumes are to wear anything red/white and blue. Because Maddy's friends Michael and Matthew were going to wear these colors, he wanted to wear them too, so out went the Samoan outfit and on went a red skivvy, blue jeans and white sneakers. He did look cool though!!

The performance was wonderful and all the kids dressed up in their costumes looked beautiful! So many different nationalities were represented from India, Africa, Vietnam, China, Japan, Estonia, Iran, Palestine and so on. There was even going to be a Maori Stick Dance performed by the 5th graders, but we did not stay to watch it.
All in all it was a wonderful show and look forward to the next one in 2008. Hopefully by then Maddy will want to wear an outfit either from Samoa, Rarotonga or Japan :)

Vietnamese Students

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