Monday, November 19

Kahlil's First Birthday

We were invited to Matt's friends son's first birthday over the weekend and Maddy made a few new friends. Even though they all were younger than him he had fun playing games with Michaelano and Marrick. We had loads of yummy, some spicy hot foods and yummy sponge birthday cake to eat and were so full and tired, we didn't have time to stop by and visit Fati to congratulate him for getting his PHD. Way to go Dr. Fati. :)

Sakib's parents, Lauren, Kelly, Kahlil, Sakib and Kelly's parents

The birthday boy, Kahlil Khan

Taking a well deserved rest after so much eating

Go Stenwood Stingers - On our way home


  1. MaddysDaddy9:48 AM GMT-5

    OK who was the only idiot to attend the party wearing shorts?

  2. bwaaah serves you right for thinking they were really going to play tennis afterwards LOL


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