Friday, November 16

Fundraiser at Silver Diner

Avery, Annie and Maddy

We went to dinner at Silver Diner Thursday night as part of Madison's school fundraising event and it was a lot of fun. The teachers greeted us at the door, they waited on us and spent their time serving and clearing our dishes. The kids were loving it and I must say they did a great job.

The PTA gets a percentage of each bill which is a great idea for fundraising. Lots of families joined in the fun and ate lots of goodies too. As soon as Madison saw his fly girls Annie and Avery (haha) he was off. He only stopped by our table to take a nibble and sip on his drink and then he was gone.


  1. Aunty Lagi11:14 PM GMT-5

    What a cutie with his flash new hair cut. Makes him look like such a BIG BOY!

  2. Maddysmommy1:51 PM GMT-5

    Well actually we had no choice but to cut it like that because Maddy already cut the fringe bit LOL so Matt had to fix it up. Maddy said that it was too long (which it really wasn't LOL)


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