Wednesday, December 14

Two Days Of Leave

It's nearing the end of the year and I am exhausted. I decided to take two days off work to spend some quality time with my son. Yesterday was all play, fun and games. We even got the pool out and splashed about with his friends. I had lots of fun and was definitely tired by the end of the day.
Today we went downtown and had a yummy breakfast at Mari's Bakehouse and spent 2 hours at the movies watching Zoro - Madison loved it. He is now outside playing with his posse. My carpenter from work is coming in this afternoon to fix the ceiling upstairs and tommorrow he will be putting mosquito netting all around the top floor - hopefully it would stop that nasty black cat from next door coming into the house at night! I am loosing too many loaves of bread (haha).
Have a nice day everyone!

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