Friday, October 7

At Home Today

Maddy and I are at home today. I have the flu and maddy still has a slight cough. I think its definitely the weather, or else I'm a bit rundown, or maybe I just couldn't be bothered going into work today (hehe). We have just finished breakfast and maddy is about to go next door to play. All the kids in the neighbourhood are on a weeks holiday and maddy is really loving it. They play most of the day in the garage, running around chasing each other, teasing each other, or chasing "jealous" (the neighbours dog!).

Madi went to lotu Wednesday evening with the kids and learnt two new songs. Here are the words:

I help you, you help me
We're a helping family
Helping helping
Sing a helping song
Helping Helping all day long

Sung to the tune of I Love You from Barney

Jesus is my friend today
Clap your hands, Shout Hooray
Jesus is my friend today,
We Love Jesus

Sung to the tune of London bridge is falling down.

It's White Sunday celebration this weekend and town is buzzing with shoppers. White clothing is displayed everywhere even in furniture stores. They had a two day market day, where businesses come together under one roof to sell their products (usually at a discount). Didn't quite make it this time round, maybe next time.

Since Monday is a holiday, I think we will be spending it at the beach (weather permitting). Madi has become quite the swimmer or shall I say isn't scared of swimming on his own now.. as soon as we get to Taumeasina, he quickly jumps out of the car and straight into the water... no hesitation whatsoever... the other kids... well .. lets say it takse at least 10 mins before they decide to even touch the water. He is such a big boy!

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