Thursday, September 18

Back to School Night

Before Maddy's swimming class tonight, I attended the "back to school night" for parents and got a chance to see some of Maddy's school work like writing, science, social studies and word study notebooks. I even saw some of his artwork displayed on the hallway walls and took a picture of one.

Ms Reeves briefly went through the different things they will learn throughout the year, and showed us how to access class information using a site called BlackBoard.
She also mentioned that each student will have a chance to share with the class one week out of the year, where they show and tell anything they want. Maddy can choose to share photos of a family trip one day, then read a favorite book the next, share a favorite board game or talk about his favorite animal and so on, for a whole week. I thought that was a great idea and maybe (if he's interested) he might want to share about growing up in Samoa.
I'll also be volunteering again and taking part in as many class activities as I can. It's going to be a fun year I think!!

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