Tuesday, September 16

A Hole in One

We spent Sunday afternoon at the park just up the road, which also had a mini golf game. Matt started off really well shooting 2 per hole, and then I made the first hole in one. Maddy wasn't far behind and when we reached the water hole, we managed to tape his hole in one - was awesome! Matt got it in as well but my ball stopped 2 inches from the hole (WTH?!?). I won overall with Maddy coming second and Matt dead last (haha).

Looking for Maddy's lost ball


  1. Aunty Lagi10:35 PM GMT-5

    dead last? mwahaha... so much for all that golf practise!
    what a flash mini golf course :) looks like a nice day too. miss you all :(

  2. Well... I was the scorer and may have accidently posted some scores in the wrong box LOL

    Missing you both too! how is Chch?!?

  3. What a cool video - good job whoever was taking it! Good on you Maddy. Awesome mini golf course too. You guys have lots of things to do over there!

  4. I think I've changed my mind...maybe Madison should try to be more like Tiger Woods?

  5. MaddysDaddy9:55 AM GMT-5

    I agree. If he has a silky smooth golf swing he will make a nice living as a pro on the PGA Tour and I can be his caddy earning 50%.


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