Tuesday, September 9

Maddy Singing

I recorded three videos of Maddy singing sometime ago (the first two last year) on my phone and only discovered them again while clearing out messages and stuff. They are just too cute and had to post them!!!

Singing ABC as fast as he can lol

He was meant to say "frolicked" not "frocket" LOL


  1. FROCKET! That is HILARIOUS! I was laughing for ages watching the videos. They are indeed TOO CUTE! He looks so young - how old was he then?

    Keep those clips and show them at his 21st...FROCKET! That's my new word from now on! LOL

  2. I can't stop laughing either LOL I think he was either 4 going on 5 or just turned 5. It's definitely sometime early last year, before he started school.

  3. Oh no wait, he was four when we arrived here so maybe it was toward the end of 2006 - that's sounds more like it.

  4. OK - someone show me how to get the sound on the video! At work I can't even get the picture but at home I get the picture but not the sound. Is my computer too old? I need an IT specialist (I think there's two in the family?)


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