Saturday, September 6


We attended a Home Depot 'how to' workshop for kids this morning. It was a lot of fun sanding, hammering, glueing and screwing peices of wood together. Maddy and Dillion built a paper football game and this is what it looks like. In addition to the kit, they get a kid size Home depot apron and an achievement pin. They hold these workshops on the first weekend of each month, so we are going to make a habit of attending as many as we can. At the next workshop, they will be building a Whistle Fire Truck.

Hammering away

The finished product

Maddy the Builder


  1. MaddyDaddy10:13 AM GMT-5

    Very nice hammering son! I don't think you missed once.

  2. Maddy's a better handy man than Uncle Mark. Next time we see you, can you show him how to use a hammer?!? LOL

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