Tuesday, September 23

Tiger Cub Scout

Maddy joined the Boy Scouts Pack 1132 on Friday and is now a member of the Tiger Den. We spent over an hour talking with the Pack and Den Leaders while the boys (60 odd) had fun and games in the school cafeteria. Two of his friends in his class, Jack and Gregory are in the same Den too so he was very happy about that.

The information they gave us along with the Tiger Den booklet, spells out all the activities and things he needs to take part in throughout the year to achieve his awards and badges and be able to move onto the Wolf Den. It looks like it's going to be a very busy year, but with lots of fun and games, community activities, camping as well as fundraising events. (Speaking about fundraising, I'll post on that next LOL).

Maddy couldn't wait to get started and managed to convince his Dad to take him shopping to buy his new scout uniform. When they picked me up from work that afternoon, he was already wearing it.


  1. Maddy looks quite handsome in his uniform! He will have a lot of adventures to look forward to!
    And is MaddysMommy working now?

  2. Cool man! A boy scout in the family!!! Does he know the secret salute yet?!?

    OMG, I just remembered the fundraising and have ordered some stuff to be sent to your place. They do international shipping but it would have cost $197 to have it shipped here....I don't think so!!

    Only ordered a few things this year - was going to go hard out but then I remembered you said that we have another 20 years of this....LOL :)

  3. I'm just doing some part time hours at Macy's again, they called me in for the holidays. It's mostly weekend work and a few odd hours during the week. If there is anything you like on their website Batgran, let me know :)

    As for fundraising, we have only ordered 3 things. With Scouts fundraising and other stuff throughout the year, it just gets too much. Thanks for ordering Sachi. When they arrive, I'll send them over.


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