Friday, September 5

You're A Star

Maddy received a big stamp on his hand that says "You're A Star" for being really good in Music class today. He said he got it because he was paying attention and listening to the Music teacher as well as following the rules of the class. There were only a few that received the stamp too. Way to go Son!!
On another note, we are off to the PTA Ice Cream Social tonight at 7pm. Lets hope tropical storm Hanna hasn't reached us by then. We are expecting lots of rain and strong gusty winds and it's suppose to carry on through till tomorrow afternoon.
We have also been invited to a free woodworking class for kids at the Home Depot, with Ilma and her son Dillion (swimming friend) tomorrow, so fingers crossed the weather doesn't stop us from going their either.
On Sunday we are off to Alexander's christening, so we will be spending the day with Fati and Vai at their church.
Because of our busy weekend coming up, I doubt that I will have time to come online, so I wanted to wish all the Fathers out there in NZ and Aussie an early Happy Father's Day. :)

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  1. MaddysDaddy3:46 PM GMT-5

    Congratulations son! It makes daddy proud that you're doing well in 1st grade!


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