Monday, September 8

A Birthday Message for Aunty Sachi

Enjoy your day and hope you have fun!!

Alofas Maddy, Rach & Matt xxx


  1. Wow! That's the BEST birthday video in the whole wide world. I've only watched it 100 times already.
    Thank you Maddy for my lovely birthday message. I had a great party with Mark and Micah in the park.
    Mark took the day off work but ended up working most of the morning anyway from home. I had to practically kick him off the computer coz I knew I'd have a special message waiting for me!!

    Thank you so much! Love you heaps too!! xoxoxo

  2. He was suppose to do a dance for you too but he wasn't feeling all too good - He's picked up a cold from school. He's done well by not getting sick all Summer and now it's starting all up again.

    Glad you liked his message. We actually did two takes but the first one was way too dark for some reason.

  3. MaddysDaddy9:40 AM GMT-5

    Love the cheeky grin at the end lol Happy Birthday sis! See you in Las Vegas in 09!

  4. Las Vegas 09...WOOO HOOOO!

    I told Mark a couple of nights ago and he went 'Heeeey??' - then I did the whole sell; there's heaps of things for kids, Walt's there, good weather, haven't been to USA in ages...blah, blah, blah
    So he started to come around. Only have 11 months more to convince him properly!! LOL

    Thanks again for the birthday wishes. Hope Maddy gets over his cold soon!


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