Thursday, September 11

Maddy the Multitasker

Maddy and I got a haircut yesterday afternoon and as you can see, he is a multitasker.

He is not about to let a haircut get in the way of the serious business of playing on his Nintendo DS.

He told me that he would simply brush off any hair that fell on the screen.

I'm sure the hairdresser found it amusing.


  1. I think she was getting a bit ika because she had to keep telling him to lift his head up LOL

  2. What a funny boy! That's one way of getting him to sit still I suppose. I'm wondering when I can take Micah to the hairdresser. He's had 5 haircuts already but I think my last cut was a bit crooked. Plus I'm not sure how to cut the mohawk....

    Wonder if he's too young for a Nintendo to make him sit still?!??!


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