Tuesday, September 16

Losing His First Tooth

Maddy lost his first tooth at school today and is expected to lose another one in a few more days. He put his tooth in a plastic bag and brought it home. As soon as he stepped off the bus, he showed it to me and I told him when he gets home, to clean it and place it under his pillow. He is excited about the tooth fairy/ies visiting him tonight. I wonder how much they are going to give him for his first tooth? umm 50c? I overheard him talking to his Daddy about wanting dollars and not coins LOL


  1. That's his first tooth of many to fall out so start out slow - don't want to break the bank! LOL

    Meanwhile still waiting for Micah to grow teeth...he's still a gummy bear!

  2. MaddysDaddy9:54 AM GMT-5

    Maddy lost his 2nd tooth too. I didn't think he would be too concerned about it but he said when he smiled for his class photos yesterday he smiled with his mouth closed because he didnt want the gap in his teeth to show.


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