Wednesday, July 9

Pee Wee Easy

Maddy started his Pee Wee II swimming lessons this week and is finding the class way too easy. I couldn't believe it - he remembered everything his Papa and Daddy taught him when we were in Rarotonga and started showing off to everyone as soon as he entered the pool. There were suppose to be four pee wee swimmers but one never turned up and the other was not quite ready for their class and joined the first one instead.

From what we observed over the past few days, Maddy is a natural and learns very quickly. Apparently he and Dylan are being taught more advanced swimming techniques and not the usual lessons that are taught in that class. According to his instructor, it looks like Maddy might have to skip the Pee Wee III class and move onto the more advanced swimming classes instead. Way to go son!!


  1. Way to go little fish! You are so clever...that other boy has his hands the wrong way but you are spot on! I'm trying to think which Olympics you will peak and bring home the gold (like Mark Spitz!!!)

  2. Aunty Sachi8:15 PM GMT-5

    Well done Maddy! Such a natural boy - must take after mommy's side coz none of our side can swim properly!!! LOL

  3. MaddysDaddy8:07 AM GMT-5

    Yep Maddy will be swimming in the 2020 Olympics!


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