Saturday, July 26

Annie's Birthday

Annies beautiful birthday cake - flowers and butterflys

Maddy and Danny

On the water slide

Maddy and Michael filling up their super soaker water guns


  1. Wow - look at how much taller Maddy is to the other kids. Are they all the same age?

    Looks like a funny birthday party. Is Annie's birthday around the same time as Maddy's? Are you guys going to throw him a birthday party? I'm not really looking forward to that with Micah. Might just go to McDonalds!!!

  2. MaddysDaddy8:28 AM GMT-5

    He does look tall aye? Annie's birthday is the day before Maddy's. I think most of the kids are a few months older than Maddy. We had Maddy's first few birthday partys at McD's because they don't remember them anyways! haha

  3. Not this year, very low key birthday. He is more interested in the pressies than actually celebrating it LOL

    They are few months older than Maddy, I know Matthew and Michael are already 6 but not sure about Danny.

  4. MaddysDaddy12:17 PM GMT-5

    Oh and thanks for posting the pics of Annie's bday babe :) Maddy looks like a MAN! hehe


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