Saturday, July 26

Happy Birthday Son!

Today is the day Madison has been looking forward to for such a long time now. When he woke up this morning he flopped on the couch to watch some tv oblivious, it seemed, to the fact that today was his birthday. When Rach and I said, "HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY SON!!!" a big grin spread across his face as he remembered that today was the day he turned 6.

Thank you to everyone who sent him a pressie, he got so many! He really does have everything a boy could ever want and he is indeed fortunate to have an extended family that loves and adores him so much.

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  1. Happy Birthday Madison from New Zealand and everyone here that misses you soooo much!
    So glad that you love to read - will send you some good books so you keep up the reading!
    Be a good boy and give your Mom and Dad a big hug from us over here...but save the biggest hug from us down under!!
    Nana and Papa!


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