Sunday, July 20

Passed with flying colors

Maddy passed his first swimming lesson and has been recommended to join the regular levels for age 6 and up. Instead of starting at the Advanced level one, his instructor said he is ready for level two. Because the pool is closed for a month for cleaning, I will have to wait till the fall to enrol him in his next set of classes.

He has done well so far and as you can see from the video posted below, he almost swam one length of the pool. He is still learning to coordinate his arms with his breathing, but in his next class he will be taught more in-depth lessons on how to do it properly.

Learning basic safety techniques in the deep end (12 ft)

Practicing his backstroke

Maddy and Dillon

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  1. MaddysDaddy8:11 AM GMT-5

    Those lessons Papa gave him in Raro were so useful, Maddy remembered them all.


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