Sunday, July 20

BBQ and Birthday

We spent the last day with our visitors at the Mason Neck National Park for a bbq and to celebrate Madison's 6th birthday. We played baseball and tossed his parachute toy around, while Chef Mano'o (Matt) cooked the steak and hamburgers for lunch to go with the potato and green salads.

We want to thank Aunty Sachi, Uncle Mark, Cuzzie Micah, Nana and Papa for the awesome Pokemon game and Kung Fu Panda Playstation game maddy received in the mail.

We also want to thank Grandma and Grandpa Ponini for the All Blacks rugby ball and $$, Aunty Mary for $$ and dinosaur stickers, Aunty Lu and Uncle Steve for the Power Ranger toys, and Aunty Ramona and Uncle Iulio for the Pokemon cards, aloha shirts, snacks and chocolate goodies that he also received in the mail too.

Thanks to Mom and Dad who bought a Pokemon T-shirt, a Dark Knight T-shirt, a Dinosaur Curator set, Blendy Pens, and Naruto PS games.


  1. Wow! You guys have been busy, busy, busy!

    Was so nice to log on and see so many updates. Good job Rach!

    I'm glad Maddy liked his pressies - good to hear that they arrived safely and internet shopping works yipppee!

    Have a safe trip Matt - you world traveller you!

  2. MaddysDaddy8:14 AM GMT-5

    Yeah great job Rach :)


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