Wednesday, July 23

I'm On My Way Home!

Just got a call from Matt this afternoon telling us he is coming home tommorrow night. Apparently the computer equipment has not arrived in Guatemala yet and when it does, it usually takes at least a week to clear through customs. They suspect the equipment won't arrive till 4th August which means two weeks of nothing to do.

It's not his fault the equipment is not there as it's handled by another division. I'm sure it's going to mean another change in his schedule though so who knows how long he is back for until he is scheduled to go out again.

Maddy and I are happy to hear Daddy's coming home. He is going to try and take another week off because he has so much comp time racked up that he needs to use the hours or else he loses them. I hope he can because we still have a month and a bit of summer holidays, and it would be awesome to take Maddy to Splashdown Waterpark before school starts up again.


  1. YAY I get to be home for Maddy's bday!!!!

  2. Aunty Sachi7:55 PM GMT-5

    Can we come to Splashdown too? Looks like heaps of fun....if you can swim like Maddy!

  3. Yay! umm because I thought it was just the two of us, I invited Dillon and his mom (his friend from his swimming class) to the movies on Saturday to see Space Chimps. So you're more than welcome to join us LOL

  4. By the way he is off to Annie's birthday on Friday for two hours. We won't need to drop him off because Matthew and his Mom will pick Maddy up and drop him home afterwards. He's looking forward to it because it's a water theme party and you know your son loves water!!!!


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