Wednesday, July 23

Five More Books To Go

Maddy signed up for the Summer Reading Program with the public library and Barnes and Noble starting mid June and has almost completed his list of 15 books. He has 5 more to go.

Once he completes his list, he gets a coupon booklet full of free and discounted coupons from Macdonalds, Silver Diner, Coldstone Creamery (ice cream), Six Flags, Borders, Barnes and Nobles, Pizza-hut and Dominoes and other yummy food places like that.

He is doing really well with his reading and now reads books to me at bedtime.


  1. Good on ya Maddy! I used to run a similar program when I was Children's Librarian in Mangere East. Good way to encourage kids to read...although we had stink prizes/rewards!

    Hopefully Micah will love books just as much!

  2. Mommy has done an excellent job of teaching Maddy how to read, with good encouragement too. WTG mommy!


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