Wednesday, June 25

Babysitting Alexander

Maddy and I babysat Alexander tonight while his parents attended a Polynesian Function downtown. Brought back a lot of memories of when Maddy was a baby and what I had to do to take care of him. It didn't turn out all too bad either as he only cried when he was uncomfortable and hungry.

When they arrived, he was fast asleep. We placed him on one of Maddy's bunk bed matresses on the floor in the lounge and he slept for another 30 minutes. He loves to sleep on his stomach and when I tried to put him on his back, he wasn't having it, so I just left him.

When he woke up, he knew he was not in familiar territory and kept staring and frowning at Maddy and I when we talked and sang songs to him. As soon as the "Neh" cry came, it was time to feed him. One 3/4 small bottle later, burp, poop, change and almost asleep, he cried for more milk. That put him to sleep for another 30-45 minutes until he became uncomfortable and stirred and wanted to be picked up. I changed his diaper again as it was soaked and then he tried reaching for my breast LOL He wanted more milk!!

After having another bottle he was full! Didn't put him to sleep though because as soon as he heard his parents voices, he was wide awake and alert, looking around for them.

We had a nice time with Alexander and Maddy was such a great little helper!!!


  1. MaddysDaddy6:15 PM GMT-5

    Aww it sounds like you both had fun looking after Alexander. Thanks for the post babe!

  2. We sure did - getting clucky again LOL

  3. Yeah Rach - you look good there with the baby. Maddy looks like a natural too. Gosh, the days when Micah was that little seems so long ago.


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