Monday, June 2

More Bbq's!

After a last minute call from Domenico and Rosie yesterday morning, we were on our way to Mason Neck State Park in Lorton Virginia to meet them for another bbq. You can read all about the park here

Not only did we enjoy the food and company, the kids took part in 'making butter' and finding insects to talk about with the Park Ranger. We also went for a walk through the trails and took pictures along the Lake.


  1. MaddysDaddy7:39 PM GMT-5

    The impromptu ones are always the best aye? lol

  2. At least it's nice and sunny there. It's raining and windy here - just like Wellington (without the subzero temperature!)

    Yum, yum - feel like some BBQ actually!

  3. It's nice to finally have some sun but you should of seen Saturday - felt like a tornado was on it's way. Our power was out for 4-5 hours so we went and spent the afternoon with Vai and Fati.

    I hope the weather stays this nice during the summer!


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