Friday, May 30

More Visitors from New Zealand

My cousin Mele, her husband Ete (from Laughing Samoans) and their daughter Sina visited with us this week. Mele is attending a work conference on International Schooling (she is the Executive Director for Fulbright New Zealand) and her husband and daughter tagged along to do some sightseeing.
We caught up with Mele and Ete on Tuesday night and took them out to dinner to a Japanese hibachi cooking restaurant called Benihana. The food was delicious and the company was lovely - it was great to catch up with them both.
Thanks for the latest 'Laughing Samoans' DVD, Chocolates, Paua Shell pin and Music CD for Maddy :). Safe travels home!


  1. So did you get a private show of the Laughing Samoans? I thought for a moment there that Maddy was part of the act in that pic!

  2. LOL I reckon aye haha! Mr Cheeky!


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