Monday, May 12

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Nanna, Grandma, Aunty Sachi, Aunty Jojo, Aunty Ake, Aunty Trisha and Aunty Brady and all our other Aunties out there. Hope you all had a lovely day and got spoiled by your families.

We spent the morning at the airport seeing cousin Peta off and then attended the Samoan Church with Matt's friends Vai and Fati. The Army compound where they have church put on a lovely Mother's Day Lunch, 3 course meal with drinks and beautiful roses for all the mother's. Then the kids gave each mother an ula lollie which didn't last long around our necks because as soon as we sat down, the kids wanted to eat them lol.

Maddy and I spent the afternoon with Vai and her kids swimming and playing game, while the men had an afternoon game of golf in the rain. Didn't last more than 5 holes before they returned home, soaked to the bone. We ended the night with a few card games and then headed home.

As for my mother's day present, I get to buy one thing - whatever I want (within reason) so I'm going to hit the mall later on in the week to buy something/s on sale lol.

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