Thursday, May 1

Having Fun in Rarotonga

We had a lovely 7 day vacation in the Cook Islands, attending Lagi and Tolly's wedding. Maddy enjoyed himself immensely, swimming in the pool and at the beach and spending time with his Grandparents who he hasn't seen for over two years.

The place we rented was absolutely gorgeous and the pictures online don't do it justice it's actually a lot nicer than what the pictures show, has a beautiful decked out patio with swimming pool and bbq, stunning views of the ocean and beautiful landscaping. It is also very well equipped and would definitely recommend it to anyone :)

After spending considerable time in the pool, Maddy has learnt a few skills in swimming and was able to swim around without the use of his arm floaties. He has learnt the basics of free-style swimming and is ready to take on more swimming lessons during the summertime.

We had a great family catchup and many yummy dinners together and enjoyed all the Cook Island foods available. Many pictures of the wedding were taken but I won't post them until Aunty Lagi posts hers on bebo first.

Here are a few we took :)

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