Friday, May 30


Matt and Maddy have had a hard time coping with the sunny weather lately. Matt's hayfever has returned and is sneezing up a storm.

Maddy has been home these past two days with Allergic Conjunctivitis - poor lad. A white mucous discharge is seeping from his eyes and he has a runny nose too. He looks like a zombie in the mornings with his eyes closed shut from all the mucous in them :( Not very pleasant at all.
He has been taking allergy eyedrops and a nasal spray to help clear them so hopefully by Monday he is well enough to go back to school.

He also grazed his knees from falling down in the playground at school on Wednesday and is finding it very painful and hard to stand up straight. They are healing very quickly though with Mommy's TLC hehe.

I'm enjoying the sun and loving every minute of it. I am able to sit out on the porch, get a tan, read a book and even listen to music (very refreshing after a cold and wet Spring).


  1. Not good to hear that both the boys are down with allergies.

    But at least the nurse gets some down time in the sun!

    Hope they feel better soon!

  2. I feel for them both. It's quite odd though, I suffer in the cold and they suffer in the heat - go figure!!!


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