Thursday, June 19

Speaking About Hair ...

Take a look at this baby picture of Maddy when he was 14 months old and his hair. Looks like Micah's doesn't it? So you see Sachi, it definitely runs in your family ha ha!


  1. OMG that is WAY TOO FUNNY! I'm going to steal this for our blog and say - look what Micah's going to look like at 14 months. They could be twins!!

    I actually found a photo of me when I was a baby and I had hair like that too!

    Can't stop laughing...hilarious!

  2. OOH can I see the picture too?!? you'll have to post it on micahs blog for all of us to see :)

  3. MaddysDaddy11:04 AM GMT-5

    There's even a pic there with you holding his hair down while I took the photo LOL


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