Thursday, June 19

Pee Wee Swimmers

Yay, finally booked swimming lessons for Maddy at Providence Rec Center on July 7th. He has 8 sessions, from Monday through to Thursday for two weeks (30 minutes) and once he's completed that, and passed, he'll move onto the next Pee Wee class hopefully in August before school starts up again. Daddy will be taking some time off to take him to his lessons - father/son bonding time before he leaves again on July 21 for Belize and Guatemala.

Maddy's birthday is coming up and we still haven't decided what to do. He's been invited to Alex T's birthday July 12 at 'Pump it Up', a private party zone featuring gigantic, soft, interactive fun-filled inflatables, like the place where Nanna and his Aunty's took us to for his 4th birthday in New Zealand. That was a lot of fun and no doubt Maddy is going to love it.

I think we will keep it low key this year and have it a little earlier so we can celebrate it when his Grandma and Aunt from NZ and Connecticut come down mid July and before Daddy travels again. It's going to be hard though because Maddy has already written out his list and he's invited most of his class LOL ummm I did tell him 5 friends didn't I? LOL


  1. I can't wait to get Micah into swimming lessons. Apparently you can start them at 6 months here so we'll give it a go.

    What does Maddy want for his birthday? I am going to resort to internet shopping so let me know if he's got something in mind and I'll order it online.

  2. Yup they do that here too. Good thing we are not in Samoa or else it's lessons in the sea LOL

  3. ChopSuey Maker2:45 AM GMT-5

    Hey cool having the link back to Maddy's old website with the baby pics. I think I crashed the site because I was looking at too many of the pics!
    Great being able to see what he looked like when he was the same age as Micah.

  4. MaddysDaddy7:16 AM GMT-5

    Yeah I forgot what the old geocities was like. It should be back after an hour. If time permits I'll try and transfer it to a different host.

  5. That's how I found the picture with his hair. I was trying to do a widget for bebo of his baby pictures :)


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