Saturday, June 14

Last Day of School

Both Kindergarten classes joined together to host a Hawaiian theme picnic and games for the last day of school. The kids had fun chasing each other, throwing water balloons, hula hoop'ing, limbo'ing, and sorts, as well as eating pizza, watermelon , oranges and yummy flavoured ice-cream. Here are a few pictures of the last day of school.

Hula Hoops
Musical Towels
Maddy with his buddy Michael
Around the pole with Azfar
Limbo Time

Yummy chocolate ice-cream after the water ballon fights


  1. Looks like a beautiful day there. Maddy looks like he's grown even more since Raro.
    There seems to be a lot of island themed stuff at his school which is great!

  2. I know huh - I was actually tired of them choosing 'hawaiian theme' for the kindergarteners lol done so many times!

  3. What's the plan for the summer holidays? Don't forget to include swimming for our little fish.

  4. Maddy has swimming lessons early July and will continue for two weeks. Once he has completed that I'll put him in the next class.

    He has a few playdates lined up as well and a few birthdays to attend.

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