Friday, October 10

What A Busy Week!

Maddy received his 1st quarter interim report and is progressing well in all academic areas and developing satisfactory social skills and work habits. His teacher commented that "he loves to read, and everytime he finishes his work early, he is the first to pick up a book." She also states "he has a very positive attitude and is a kind friend." Good job Maddy!

Tuesday afternoon was spent at Annie's place with Michael on a playdate. They had fun on the trampoline and playing games. He came home all sweaty and stinky haha!

On Wednesday night, he went with his Dad to a cub scout meeting. They went on a short hike and spent time learning the cub scout promise and other core requirements to receive his Bobcat badge. It will be presented to him on Friday at the Pack meeting. As part of that ceremony there is a tradition where the boys are held upside down to receive their badges. LOL I feel for Daddy because Maddy weighs 65 pounds. I'll take pictures and photos and post them this weekend.

Last night he had swimming lessons. Maddy had to swim several lengths of the pool and I'm proud to say he did a really good job. Last week his lesson was cancelled because of a "code brown." Someone had pooped in the pool so they closed it down.

Today afterschool, Maddy joins the school sports program where they get to run around and play all sorts of sports for an hour. Tonight is the Cub Scouts Pack meeting where Maddy will receive his Bobcat badge.

Tommorrow he is going to Gregory's birthday from 12-2pm and on Sunday he has been invited to Danny's birthday from 5.30-7.30pm. It's going to be at 'Ajax Amusements', which is a private party zone featuring classic arcade games, pool table, air hockey, skee ball, bubble hockey, basketball, dance machine, pinball, Xbox, Play station games, WII and many more. Sounds like just the place for boys haha. I'm buggered just thinking about it LOL

Monday is a holiday and I'm sleeping in!


  1. Gosh, I'm just tired from reading the blog! You guys have really been busy - is that what we have to look forward to? Kiddy activities for the next 16 years?!? :)

    Micah's got his first swimming lessons this coming Sat. All the mothers have bets to see whose baby does the first 'code brown'. I'm sure when it comes to it, all of us will be denying it hard out!! :)

  2. haha enjoy the swimming lessons, I'm sure Micah's going to love it!

    Last year we had no activities and this year there are three LOL His swimming lessons will be over in a couple of weeks so we are taking a break from that.

    There is a basketball league starting up soon too so he is keen on doing that. We shall see if we can fit it all in.

  3. So much for sleeping in on Monday, I worked all weekend and now I'm buggered!


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